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CareBar was born at the intersection of many forces. Joe's passion for creating great tasting food and his genius of making common whole food ingredients, and some exotic herbs, come together and taste fantastic. Ania's passion for clean nutrition and her fascination with the power of herbal medicine. Her desire to have access to convenient food that makes her feel awesome, both physically and emotionally. Their common drive to make self care simple for themselves and all around them. Their quest to eliminate guilt from comfort food and their vision of changing the conversation around what it means to truly care for ourselves without shame, regret or betraying our bodies.

We combine decades of expertise of a CIA educated Research Chef, with decades of experience of a National Board Certified acupuncturist and herbalist and bring you lovingly designed and formulated functional snacks. They support your mind and your body through life's ups and downs while giving you pleasure, a sense of luxury and indulgence.

But we don't stop at food. We are so committed to you, to eliminating needless suffering of chronic stress, that we are inviting you to join us and help us create the world where self care is the norm. We believe that all people have a right to take care of their needs without permission or approval. We want to teach you how to thrive, not just manage. How to build strength and resilience. So we partnered Care Bar with Self Care With Ania to bring you strategies and techniques to overcome stress, build vibrant health and expand your personal power.

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Ania Grimone

Ania Grimone MS, L.Ac, CH, CPCC

BA in Business Administration, MS in Oriental Medicine, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, NSight Executive Success Certified Coach, Certified in Change Management, Health Coach and Health Educator, National Board Certified In Chinese Herbology, Licensed, Acupuncturist, Certified NAET Practitioner, Certified PsychK Facilitator

Cyclist – Poet – Learner – Adventure Seeker – Entrepreneur

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Joseph O'Connor

Joseph O'Connor CRC

CIA Alum, Certified Research Chef with 30+ years in food product development. 
Poet - Gardener - Artist - Animal Lover
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