A New Chapter

I have, over the years of being in the food creation business, considered many opportunities to start my own business and build a great line of foods. There were great ideas, great recipes, and even great timing. But there was never a great partner.

The vision as much as I could clearly see it was tough to sustain as a one-man band. I needed melody, harmony and rhythm to use a musical analogy. Parts to help move the process, the message, along in a cohesive way, a flow….

This blog is a first, though I have a vlog under my belt too.  Oh the irony. This is not my go to form of communication but it is what I will do, what I do best, put it all out there and be vulnerable.

No this isn’t weakness!

This is about being authentic to who I am. I want to relate to you in your vulnerability, in our  collective need to be accepted for who we are. For me the best way to connect is through food, not necessarily professionally, but a way to live, fulfilled and with a purpose.

Unbeknownst to me, it was the synergy I was looking for. It was about Synergy! “Two unique elements of our universe coming together to create something better.”

So this is the day I admit, confess, rejoice and exclaim that I have found my Synergistic Partner! The one person, the one floating element that makes me greater by her presence in my universe! And in this combined universe was born Synergy Performance Foods. A collaboration of minds, bodies and energy, creativity, joy, passion, curiosity, knowledge, experience and determination. We are focused on sharing a message of good living through creative, healthful foods that make you feel good, are good for you and taste fantastic!

Join us as we grow and celebrate a joyful life through healthy body and brain nutrition, mental and physical activity and sharing positive energy for better longer lives.

Onward and upward!

Joseph and Ania

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