Ingredient Spotlight: Shiitake

Let's talk Shiitake used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. Shiitake is an edible fungus and not a vegetable which many people confuse it with. It grows naturally on trees. It is the only plant source of vitamin D, making Shiitake even more of an essential part of a healthy diet.

In addition to being the most widely enjoyed mushroom across the world, it's compounds have been shown to prevent and fight-off cancer, and boost the immune system with rich polysaccharide content.

Recent studies have found that the three compounds, eritadenine, sterols, and beta-glucans may help lower cholesterol and prevent increases in blood pressure while promoting good heart health.

The consumption of Shiitake helps circulation throughout the body and reduces inflammation with their beta-glucans.

Studies have shown that eating Shiitake mushrooms regularly improve overall well-being and encourage longevity, so enjoy them in your soups, stir-fires and our convenient, delicious and mood boosting On-Guard snack.

The next post will explore Ginseng, another superstar of On-Guard.

Enjoy and wishing you good health.

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