Snacks of the Future Today, “Mood Food”!

Good Choices!

The public is clamoring for the foods that make them feel good. Not just for the moment it passes over their palate and tastes buds but for several hours and not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too. The feel of an ongoing level of satisfaction and fulfillment for the choice they made and how it affects their energy, their digestion and or their self esteem. Good choices feel good!

The Right Message

As a Chef my main priority in creating and developing new foods has always been flavor and texture, “mouth feel”. But as consumers become more educated and frankly bombarded with new offerings the need to stand out and to differentiate your products is key, with credible information and valid messaging. Important facts will bring them to your door but flavor, personal buy in and consistency will get them to return with a friend.


In the world today there are many ways to approach foods and their impact on the communities you want to reach. Authenticity builds respect and trust, while being thoughtful and transparent can lead to the success your product deserves. Consumers are wary and advocates can impact you if you are not your own advocate for your customers and their health and well being. You don’t have to sell quinoa and kale but be honest and your people will come back for more. Putting care into your product means caring for your customers.

Joseph O’Connor.

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